San Antonio's first CrossFit Gym
EST. 2007


The downtown street gym with showers. This is where all the action is with a great community and no BS!

We’re an inclusive gym that welcomes everyone and every level of fitness. Some of our clients say it is like personal training with group class prices.  Join us and let our experienced and friendly team of coaches help you to reach your personal goals.

Located near the historic Pearl, we are here to help you create and maintain a  healthy, strong body that lets you be capable of doing just about anything thrown your way – in the gym setting or real world!


Improve your life one workout at a time.


Fitness is a lifestyle, because when you workout to LIVE you see and feel the RESULTS, and then you’re motivated to go further!


Our aim is to help you meet your individual fitness goals.  Whether it’s getting you to and maintaining your ideal weight, competing in a CrossFit competition OR trekking across the globe, your health and quality of life is why we are here.



Personal Training

Groupe classes aren't for anyone. Some benefit more in a one-on-one atmosphere, some have specific objectives that aren't always met in the class programming, some need to focus on a specific skill 



CrossFit™ is a “system of training that aims to produce an elite level of general physical conditioning in the most efficient manner possible.

Olympic Style


Body Armor has dedicated 1,500 sq. ft. for olympic lifting. Join it to become a more efficient athlete!



Body Armor CrossFit
2411 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78215

We’re located downtown at 2411 Broadway, right next to the historic Pearl and just west of Fort Sam  on the south edge of Alamo Heights