Downtown street gym with showers. This is where all the action is with a great community and no BS!

Were an inclusive gym that welcomes everyone and every level of fitness. Some of our clients say it is like personal training with group class prices. Let our experienced and friendly team of coaches help you to reach your personal goals.


Come and join us today


  • CLICK on the picture and get a 360° view tour of our awesome place!

  • 6,000 sq. ft. of excitement and fitness.

  • 1,500 sq. ft. dedicated to a strength & olympic lifting facility with A/C

  • Plenty of parking, space for flipping tires, running springs, dragging sleds.

  • A dedicated run lane that connects the Witte Museum to the Riverwalk.

  • Showers

  • Chill out area to relax

  • Vending machine to fill up your tank

Quality of Our Coaching

As San Antonio’s FIRST CrossFit box, we strive to set the standard of quality training and community. Fitness is a life long commitment and we’d like to be your ambassador. Our team of coaches goes through an additional 1-2 months training after they receive their CF Level 1 cert before embarking on the challenge to serve you.

Our classes are limited with a ratio of 1 coach to no more than 15 students. When our members travel to other box’s around the country we constantly hear the praises for their quality technique. Keeping you safe and strong will keep you in the game of life for a long, long time!

Ensuring Your Success

Bobby Unser once said “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Most will abandon a fitness plan because they were not adequately prepared to meet the increasing challenges. As most want to jump right on in and attempt the heavier weights and the higher skilled movements, we don’t feel it’s a recipe for success. The relationship you create with the coach you start with will be an on-going process for as long as you are a member here.

Standards of Movement

High volume repetitions can be the beginning or end of your exercise career.  If you’re not moving your body within the guidelines of standards, then nothing can be gained!

You are a system of levers and pulley’s that function best when the correct angles and positions are met.  WE REFUSE to let you do it wrong, even if that means you don’t win the WOD or beat your workout buddy!  Body Armor was created to improve your abilities in the strength and functional fitness domain, and therefore we hold ourselves and our clients to a higher standard.

Want to get better?  Want to be better?  We won’t let you do anything but THAT!

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