Monday – “Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.” Mattie Stepanek

A) Power Snatch 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

rest 2-3 minutes

*all are tough efforts

B) Back Squat @ 32×1, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

rest 2-3 minutes

*all are tough efforts

**that’s :03 to lower, :02 to pause, explode up, :01 pause before your next rep

C) 10 minute EMOM

odd – 10 KBS (heavy)

even – 12- 15 WBS (be consistent)

*if time available do:

21, 15, 9 NOT for time

MB V-UPs (ball held in ankles)

Superman’s (ball held in hands)

CrossFit Gymnastics (5:30pm)

3rds :10sec false grip lacrosse ball holds on bar or rings 5-8 False grip ring rows or pull ups 10 Strict dips :30sec hollow holds

Skill: strict mu on low rings using med ball to assist — focus on hollowing up and over rings, drive elbows down and back *If you have a strict mu, try with a light med ball between legs

WOD: 3 rds 20 pistols 20 wolf raises 20 arch roacks 2 strict mu’s

Can Supplements Help You Live Longer?

By Sharon Basaraba

Updated June 16, 2016

The idea that you can take something to extend your life is seductive, especially given the vast array of vitamins and mineral supplements on the market. Seems simple: more nutrients = more years. At a time when we’re all being told we should eat more fruits and vegetables, are supplements a hedge against a diet that’s lacking?

Because there are nutrients that you require as you get older to keep your body healthy and disease-free, many people turn to the supplement industry—with sales hitting $23.7 billion in 2007.

Despite this, research continues to be divided on whether individual supplements improve longevity, are harmful, or are simply excreted right out of your body. (READ ON…)

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