I'm a lucky guy. I have three beautiful daughters under five that I am immensely proud of. They are rambunctious, difficult, curious, argumentative, adventurous, temperamental, stubborn, creative, destructive and LOUD. With the exception of loud - which is constant - the other modes are on a steady rotation, switching every 2 to 3 minutes. They have a very casual relationship with sleep. 4.30am starts seems to be the norm. They have an even more casual relationship to being told what to do, and then actually doing it. My only solace in that regard is the old adage of well behaved women rarely making history. These girls are not destined for a life in the shadows. They have my wife and I out numbered, out maneuvered and certainly out talked. "Man, how do you keep up with them?" Is asked more frequently than I care to mention. The answer is simple - being fit. The girls might have given my wife and I a super power - "Bringers of Chaos" is our moniker and chaos is certainly what we bring - but the real power comes from the body armor work outs that enable me to keep up. As a parent I want to participate, not sit out half of their childhood because I am too tired to be involved. I am the dad at the kid's party doing back flips on the moon bounce, or scrambling over the climbing frame, or throwing the children in the pool - because the children love it. I love it. I love being involved, energetically playing the game they are playing and then still having the stamina for other things, like work! Body armor is the grist for the mill. The grist that enables a fun, active, participatory parental life. In my view that's a necessity to be called a dad. Thanks to all at Body Armor for pushing us hard - the rewards I reap in fun with my children are priceless.

I turn 44 years old in a week and have been out of shape for 15 years or more. So naturally, signing up for CrossFit was scary and intimidating. But...I'm glad I did it. The team here is very supportive and really go out of their way to encourage everyone to do more. They push you without beating you down, they ask more of you than you might ask of yourself...and it rocks. BTW, don't think that just because a girl goes by the name "Peaches" that she won't hand you your butt, because she will. But the sense of accomplishment when you are done is worth it. Thanks guys. If your not adding days to my life, and I suspect that you are, you are at least increasing the quality of today.

That is my belt in the graphic. In 10 months, I've gone from 248 lbs to 219 lbs and reduced my pant size from 42 waist to 36. Like everything good in life, it required a lot of work. I wouldn't change a thing!

What is an Athlete? It never really occurred to me that, while I was always an athletic person, I would ever call myself an athlete.  A year and eight months ago, I scanned CrossFit HQ's main site, looked up San Antonio, and found that Body Armor was less than a couple miles away from my university campus.  I took them up on their first free class, then came back two days later.  Days became weeks; weeks became months.  For awhile, I still didn't think I was an "athlete".  I didn’t think I was an athlete until I could do those WODs "as RX'd". I was good at adapting to and learning various sports, but I wasn't great.   There was at a point in my life where, amidst this crazy college life of double-majoring, little sleep, and little time to myself, I wanted to participate in some sort of physical activity that I could just start up and make it long-term.  So I searched, anywhere from beach volleyball to women's rugby, and after working with rehabilitating military service members who conducted "CrossFit rehab", I decided to check out what this CrossFit business was really about. In my mind, CrossFit is a sport, a sport that encompasses the main event: Life.  It's translated everyday things of my personal goings-on, to the point where I face incessant study demands or carrying 4 back-to-back-classes worth of books across campus, as WODs in and of themselves.  I've never been competitive against other people, which somewhat drives me away from traditional sports.  I just want to beat "myself", my weaknesses.  So while it may seem like a competition against others in CrossFit, I love the fact that all individuals undergo the same "suck" and in the end, all are victorious who complete the workout.  If you finish early, you cheer on the ones still pushing through.   I love the idea of how "all reps count" so that you are giving your best from the start to the end.  I love the drive to be a well-rounded individual, not specializing in certain skills but to "expect the unexpected" -- doesn't that sound like life overall? Since that fateful day in August 2009, I've learned that an athlete is someone who has the intestinal fortitude to stick to a regimen and have the will to develop and make a physical change.  Fast-forward to the present day; changes have indeed been made.  WODs still look daunting but don't look impossible anymore (muscle-ups are still a work in progress, but so are many aspects in life). I must also add that credit must be duly given to where it is due, and no testimonial would be complete without proper thanks.  Therefore, if it weren't for the humbling guidance and encouragement of Body Armor's outstanding coaches, I don't think I could actually come to the physical capabilities I can harness today.  I consider my physical successes as real testimonials of excellent coaching, thanks to Paul, Liz, Rudy, Peaches, and Jen.

What has CrossFit done for me? Changed my life completely is about all. In a short two and a half years, im 20lbs lighter with current 9% body fat. I feel great, I'm stronger, and have tons more energy. Being a San Antonio Police officer I need to be at the top of my game at all times. Paul and his team have definitly made me a better public servant for this community. My personal goal was to join the elite San Antonio Police Department SWAT team. Once again I turned to Paul and Body Armor to help me get in top physical conditon for the extreme SWAT tryout that lay ahead of me. I trained with Body Armor two to three times a week for 3 months straight to prepare. Once the tryout day arrived I felt unbelievable and had so much confidence. With CrossFit as the backbone of my training, I was a top finisher of the tryout and remain a top contender for a spot on the team. I couldnt have done this well without the trainers of Body Armor and the CrossFit family. CrossFit is a huge part of my life and will remain my top training method for years to come. I look forward to all the sweat, pain, and pull-up that are in my future. Body Armor manufactures human machines of fitness. Enough said!!

Paul, all the way back in June, 2005 you gave in and let me begin training at Studio B. I never imagined I could do Murph, Jackie, Helen or any of the WOD's in a decent time much less qualify for the 2011 Games. To the skinny old guy that couldn't do many pushups or touch his toes, you saw only potential and a work in progress. The lesson I learned from you (and am still learning) is that I can keep getting better, faster and stronger. There may be a limit someday, but it's not anytime soon. During Friday night's party, I spoke at length with another of your clients. His job requires him to travel and when he does he works out at local CrossFit facilities all over the US. In his humble opinion, there isn't a CrossFit box that is even close to Body Armor for its comprehensive program, instructional expertise, facility or camaraderie. The Leader Board from any number of competitions invariably has a disproportionate number of Body Armor athletes represented. That is proof enough of your success. "Thanks" does not come even close to expressing my appreciation and the fun I've had over the last six years,

I play competitive tennis in a 4.0 open league. I have noticed a marked improvement in my game since I started cross fit. My footwork is better and I can now easily hit low volleys. Before I started cross fit I was having some issues with my left knee involving muscle and tendon irritation. After learning to correctly do squats that problem has disappeared. I especially like the persistent yet helpful discipline of all the instructors. They precisely explain the mechanics of each exercise and encourage us to reach beyond our perceived limit. The variety of each workout is most refreshing. We are not allowed to settle into a boring routine. A hidden benefit is to create an environment that allows us to achieve supposedly insurmountable goals by focusing within ourselves and concentrating on the immediate step by step of each exercise. We learn to push ourselves in a controlled steady manner in order to accomplish the end result of WAD completion. Keep up the good work.

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